Monthly Archives: May 2008

School Placement

Why is school placement so ridiculously frustrating?  All I want is a spot in a Year Round School.  There are law suits and court cases all over the news by parents who refuse to let their child go to Year Round.  If there are so many people opposed to the idea, why is it that I can’t get my child INTO Year Round?  I have to jump through hoops, request transfers, maybe plead with the school board, all to free up a Traditional spot in a great school that is currently at capacity.  Not to mention we are 2 months away from school starting and I have no idea where my child will be going.


Ask 500 People

So I asked 500 people around the world if they have an immediate family member with autism.  So far 10% of the respondents have answered yes.  That seems so high to me.  Now I am very interested to know what the experience of people outside the US and Canada is like.  What kinds of services and therapies to people with autism receive in their countries.  Etc.

Busy Day

Today has been a very busy day.  I attended Bella’s IEP meeting this morning which I think went really well.  I think we have some very good goals set for her for next year.    Now if I could get her actual school assignment finalized we will be able to really focus on preparing for next year.

We also had the second part of her RDA today.  She did really well, I was very proud of her.   I think she is going to make great progress with RDI.  It is going to be a busy year for us but I am really excited about it.

Cruise Planning

We are looking at cruises for thanksgiving wee.  So far it looks like we will be heading to the Bahamas on a “sort of” back-to-back set of cruises on Carnival and Royal Caribbean.  I guess we should go ahead and book something.   I am getting tired of the same old cruise destinations.  At least Royal Caribbean will be a new experince for us.  I am looking forward to experiencing Coco Cay.

Some School Thoughts

I have been thinking more about opening a school here in NC. I have been looking at different schools to get an idea for how to best organize the school. I am torn between starting with a part-time “Enrichment Center” type of program or just go with a full day school. I also flip back and forth between an inclusive program or a completely separate program just for kids with ASD. I think it would be easier to obtain a charter for an inclusive school if we decide to go the inclusive route.

I have been looking at the Magellan school as a model since it has been successfully used for multiple schools in the area. I am also looking at the Gilbert Hall School and the Hill Center specifically for their specializations in working with kids with disabilities.

Lots to think about.

Great idea

Yesterday we did the first part of the RDA which was actually more fun than I thought it would be.  I am looking forward t having some more specific goals to work on with Bella.  While we we re waiting to get started, another Mom gave us a great tip for building episodic memory.  She said she started video taping a lot and then replaying the video to watch with her child and spotlight different things.  I think that is a fantastic idea and I am going to give it a try.  Maybe a “Day in Review” and then Weekly Review or maybe a Weekend Update.  We shall see how often I can get organized to get this done and what intervals make sense.

My New Blog

Hi Everybody. People have told me that I always have tons of useful information that I should share more often so I have decided to start a blog. I am not really sure what I will be blogging about. I do have a lot of ideas, aspirations, and just things that may you go hmm….