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NC State Employees Credit Union Phishing Scam

There is a phising scam going around trying to steal the information of NC State Employees Credit Union members.

Type of Message: Text Message (SMS) received on AT&T Wireless Cell Phone

Body of Message:
MSG:State Employees CU urgent notification:unusual activity, please verify your online information ay 877-336-6029

If you get this text message DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER it is a phishing scam!  This is an attempt by somebody to illegally gain access to your account information.  Also, this is going out to people who are not credit union members as well.

If you would like more information you can contact the NC State Employees Credit Union Call Center at:

SECU Call Center

PO Box 29606
Raleigh, NC 27626-0606

(888) 732-8562 or (919) 857-2150
Fax: (888) SECU FAX or (919) 857-2000



Joint lobbying effort to protect one in three teenagers who will deal with abuse in a relationship

Oklahoma City, Feb. 25, 2009 – Mary Kay Inc. and non-profit partner Break the Cycle are encouraging legislation supporting teen dating violence prevention education in Oklahoma schools. Also joining the effort are the Oklahoma Coalition to End Domestic Violence and local members of the Mary Kay independent sales force who will convene at the capitol building, meet with state legislators and discuss the importance of educating middle and high school students about healthy dating and relationships. Nationally, one in three teenagers will deal with physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse in a relationship and two-thirds of them will never report it to anyone (Teen Dating Abuse Survey, TRU 2005).

The organizations are lobbying Oklahoma lawmakers to introduce preemptive legislation to educate students about domestic violence and healthy relationships. Such legislation would also require schools to implement guidelines and discipline procedures for responding to incidents of teen dating violence on campus. Only Texas and Rhode Island currently have a statewide statute with such a requirement for schools.

“Mary Kay is hopeful that we can help end teen dating violence,” said Mary Kay Inc. Vice President of Government Relations Anne Crews. “Mary Kay has an ongoing commitment to ending domestic violence and we’re encouraging legislators nationwide to pass laws supporting teen dating violence education.”

“Break the Cycle, one of the nation’s leading organizations addressing teen dating violence, is launching this national effort to pass state legislation aimed at helping youth recognize that they have the right to safe and healthy relationships,” said Break the Cycle Executive Director Marjorie Gilberg. “The education system is the best vehicle to implement teen dating violence prevention and intervention programs and the greatest way to help end teen dating violence before it starts.”

As part of this effort, Mary Kay Inc. and Break the Cycle are encouraging individuals to demonstrate support for this effort by signing an online petition at The petition gathers electronic signatures supporting teen dating violence prevention and awareness programs in schools nationwide.

Mary Kay first partnered with Break the Cycle to sponsor Ending Violence, Break the Cycle’s latest educational tool — an innovative, interactive DVD program developed from the organization’s evidence-based curriculum. Already expected to revolutionize dating violence prevention education, the Ending Violence interactive DVD and accompanying resource package was developed to educate youth ages 12-18 about the dynamics of dating abuse, how to build healthy relationships, and their legal rights and responsibilities. The Ending Violence DVD, available to schools in Fall 2009, also allows for total flexibility so educators can focus on the most appropriate content for students.

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About Break the Cycle
Break the Cycle believes everyone has the right to safe and healthy relationships. As the leading voice for teens on the issue of dating violence, Break the Cycle advocates for policy and legislative changes that will better protect the rights and promote the health of teens nationwide. Engaging, educating and empowering youth through prevention and intervention programs, Break the Cycle helps young people identify and build healthy relationships. For more information, please visit or call 310.286.3383.

Carnival One Day Sale, Save Up to $200 PLUS upgrades!


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Looking for Women who want to be Empowered!

I believe that the elements of greatness are in all of us. Some of you just haven’t discovered it yet! 2009 is a year for change, I am looking for some women that I can empower!  Could you be one of them?

Here are some of the things that I am looking for:

  1. I am looking for busy women. I have found that busy women get the most done. In today’s economy is is not uncommon to find women who work more than one job and/or business while raising a family. Busy women typically are good time managers, and prioritize well.
  2. I look for women who don’t already have a huge network of friends and family. That gives them a false sense of security in building a home business because friends and family are NOT usually the best customers. I will teach you how to grow your business using those who you haven’t met yet!
  3. I am looking for women who don’t consider themselves the sales type. Learning to sell is a skill that I have been very successful in transferring to others! If you associate a sales person with someone who is pushy, that is not what I look for. Pushy people have difficulty building customers and relationships.
  4. I am looking for women who can use some extra income to make ends meet. Although most women are not motivated by money, having the need for extra money will keep you going when times are difficult.
  5. I look for women who are family oriented. I have found that women will do so much more for their family than they ever would for themselves. (that is their WHY)
  6. I look for women who are decision makers. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Implementation is vital for success, not paralysis by analysis!

If you feel that you have at least 4 of these qualities, I would love to work with you. Maybe you are still looking for additional streams of income and haven’t decided on a direct sales company. I would love to talk to you and help you decide if my business is one that I can share with you.

Contact me via email or phone (919) 882-9676

Is Your Direct Sales Biz in a Funk?

I found this fascinating quote today:

Ever hear someone say, “I’m in a funk”?  I think we all get the idea of what that means when we hear it.  Basically that something isn’t quite right; nothing seems to be going well; in a slump, right?Is Your Direct Sales Biz in a Funk?, Feb 2009

You should read the whole article.

Putting The Best Face On A Bad Economy, CBS Evening News: In Midst Of Declines In Other Industries, Cosmetics Are Taking Off – CBS News

Almost every facet of the economy has been severely hampered by the recession.   But, as Richard Schlesinger reports, business has been booming for many in the cosmetics industry.

Check out the full story at:

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Partner to Reach More Customers with Your Direct Sales or Home Party Plan Business

When you are running your own Direct Sales or  Home Party Plan business it can be tough reaching new customers. It can feel like there is too much competition or that you are hitting up the same people over and over and they get burned out.  One of the the things I have been seeing success with lately is partnering with other businesses that offer complementary products or services.  I am a Mary Kay consultant so I have reached out to local photographers and image consultants to do joint sessions and workshops. It has benefited both businesses and we now have a partnership.

Most Direct Sales and Home Party Plan businesses have great partnering potential.  For example I could see a “Spice up your Love Life” party featuring a Mary Kay Color Session and Passion Party Demo to give women ideas on how to pull of a new sexy look and add some spice to their relationship.   Imagine serving delicious Tastefully Simple products on gorgeous serveware from Princess House.  Be Creative, there are so many potential combinations!

Have you partnered with other businesses?

What businesses do you think would be ideal for you to partner with?

Interested in partnering on an event with me?  Contact me today!