Face Make-Up Tips to Bring Out the Best of You

Women want to look their best at all times. As an epitome of beauty, they persistently try to look young and beautiful always and makeup helps them achieving this to a great extent. Famous Roman Dramatist Plautus wrote, `A woman without makeup is like food without salt`. Makeup has become a necessity for every woman today. It`s a misconception to think that makeup or precisely face make-up makes one look beautiful.

Face make-up is a way to highlight the features we love and want to draw attention and also to cover the not so good features. It`s a fact that no woman is satisfied what she has been blessed with. Face make-up takes cares of many of the facial flaws including the not so higher cheekbones, less prominent jaws and less evenly toned skin.

Though we can`t change our skin we have been born with, we can certainly improve the existing look of our skin especially the face with the face make-up. But face make-up is an art. If the face make-up is not applied properly, then the entire make up done would go waste and the beauty of the woman can be hampered to a great extent. The secret to a good face make-up is not to do too much or too less makeup.

The ideal face make-up involves applying the right amount according to the required occasion. There are different makeup tricks for different occasions. You just can`t imagine going to a business meeting with your face painted with too much makeup. Similarly for a theme party, you won`t be able to turn heads towards you unless you look something different. The following face make-up tips will be helpful to bring out the real beauty that is hidden behind your face no matter what the occasion is.

Know your skin type:

Before applying face make-up, it`s very important to know the skin type because, makeup tips and products vary according to different skin types.


Foundation is the base of face make-up. For normal skin, you need to choose a foundation specific for normal skin, while for dry skin a alcohol-free double-duty foundation is required. For oily skin, water-based foundation is ideal. There is a special trick for applying foundation. At first clean your face with a normal cleanser (toner for oily skin) and then apply moisturizer on the face and leave the cream to be absorbed for 2-3minutes. Then apply foundation by putting small dot on the forehead, cheek, nose and chin area and blend it well with your fingertips.

Concealer :

If your skin has acne, red spots, black heads, or pimples, you can cover these flaws with a good concealer. If you are blessed with a good and blemish free skin, you can skip this part of the face make-up.


After applying foundation and concealer, for a mat finish you can apply some translucent powder to prevent shine and to help set the underlying foundation. Or you can opt for blush to make your face look refreshed. However, the color of blush must match the skin, lipstick and hair color.

Eye shadow:

Eye shadow is the most creative part of the face make-up. Before applying eye shadow, it`s good to apply a neutral concealer matching the skin tone of the eyelid. Remember, the color of eye shadow should match the color of eyes. Start with the lightest shade from lash line to brow line which will ensure a smudge-free application.


Mascara application accentuates the eye make-up. But be careful not to overdo. You can use brown mascara for a softer and flattering look.

Lip makeup:

Lip makeup is a very important part of face make-up. Before applying lipstick, draw the outline of lips with a lip liner. Apply with a single coat first and then go for a second coat to make your lips a fuller look. Soft matte colors in pink, peach, berry, or coral make the lips appear luscious.

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