Sales Jobs: Why Not Try Your Own Direct Sales Business?

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Are you looking for an inside sales job? Here is a new twist on an age-old, time-tested traditional money-maker. Why not sell a product or service as a part of owning your own business, instead of selling for someone else? You can call on your current or potential clients as well as develop new ones. Of course, you will need to study your product or service very diligently and be able to understand the needs of your prospects, just as with any sales activity.

But here’s the twist – since this will be your own business, you will control your hours, you can work out of your own home, and you can control how much you make! If you’ve been in any form of high-dollar sales in the past, you might want to consider a shift over to selling products and services for yourself, using classic inside sales techniques combined with the Internet. For example, the mortgage industry right now has slowed and many mortgage professionals are looking for work. Why not start your own business instead?

What would this business be, you ask? Look into what we call a direct sales or network marketing business. Traditional examples of this type of business are insurance and real estate. As a licensed agent, you are in business for yourself. As well, you can recruit sales people to work under you; training them and helping them be successful. Now you are a broker. The direct sales industry works in a similar way.

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of companies offering direct sales business opportunities? It’s true! A word of caution: some are more reputable than others. Be sure to consult someone you trust get help in evaluating any opportunity. Please consider yourself invited to my blog and allow me to help you.

If you’ve been in the mortgage, real estate or inside sales professions and are looking for where to move next, please seriously consider what I am proposing. The same skills that you’ve honed in working on the phone calls with potential prospects and qualifying them over the very skills required to be successful in your own direct sales business! There’s great opportunity for people to transition their career into their own home businesses.

No matter what type of opportunity you feel would suit you best, know that in direct sales, as with anything in life, you will get back whatever you put in. You can make as little or as much as you want. Most direct sales companies offer great opportunities with little or no limit on income potential. The rest will be up to you – how disciplined you are with your time and how strategic you are as you market for prospects. The time is now for you to investigate this incredible opportunity!

Henri Schauffler, the CEO Coach, has been helping independent CEOs and home business executives learn how to grow their businesses for over 20 years. To get you FREE copy of his landmark report, “7 Things You Must Know Before Starting Any Home Business” click here:




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