Looking for Women who want to be Empowered!

I believe that the elements of greatness are in all of us. Some of you just haven’t discovered it yet! 2009 is a year for change, I am looking for some women that I can empower!  Could you be one of them?

Here are some of the things that I am looking for:

  1. I am looking for busy women. I have found that busy women get the most done. In today’s economy is is not uncommon to find women who work more than one job and/or business while raising a family. Busy women typically are good time managers, and prioritize well.
  2. I look for women who don’t already have a huge network of friends and family. That gives them a false sense of security in building a home business because friends and family are NOT usually the best customers. I will teach you how to grow your business using those who you haven’t met yet!
  3. I am looking for women who don’t consider themselves the sales type. Learning to sell is a skill that I have been very successful in transferring to others! If you associate a sales person with someone who is pushy, that is not what I look for. Pushy people have difficulty building customers and relationships.
  4. I am looking for women who can use some extra income to make ends meet. Although most women are not motivated by money, having the need for extra money will keep you going when times are difficult.
  5. I look for women who are family oriented. I have found that women will do so much more for their family than they ever would for themselves. (that is their WHY)
  6. I look for women who are decision makers. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Implementation is vital for success, not paralysis by analysis!

If you feel that you have at least 4 of these qualities, I would love to work with you. Maybe you are still looking for additional streams of income and haven’t decided on a direct sales company. I would love to talk to you and help you decide if my business is one that I can share with you.

Contact me via email or phone (919) 882-9676


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