Start Your Mary Kay Business Today! $100 rebate

Take advantage of my Getting Started Team Building Bonus!

Now is a great time to get started with Mary Kay. In this economy, Mary Kay is one of the businesses that is not just surviving but thriving! More and more women are finding the flexibility, independence and extra income that they have been looking for by becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant and you can too.

A new Independent Beauty Consultant will receive a $100 rebate check if she submits her Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement from March 1 – 31, 2009, and in the month of March or April submits one or more $600 Section 1 order(s) which, alone or combined, equal a wholesale amount of $600 or more (excluding sales tax and shipping). No further action is required to receive the rebate check. Rebate checks will be mailed no later than thirty (30) days from April 30, 2009. Contact me now for more information. or (919) 882-9676


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