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Eight Ways to Build your Direct Sales Business When you’re not Selling

Laura Poole of Archer Consulting offers some great tips on how to work your business when you may not be doing as much selling. She has graciously allowed me to share this information with you all.


Are Men Interested in Mary Kay?

Every day I see people visiting my blog searching for information about men and Mary Kay.  I’m not completely sure if they are looking for men’s products or the opportunity for men to become Mary Kay Consultants.  I would love to hear from you visitors as to what you are looking for, leave me a note in the comments if you would like to share why you have or have not looked into becoming a consultant.

I think more men are seeing Mary Kay as a viable business opportunity and more importantly Mary Kay is recognizing that men are a great potential new growth area from both consumer and consultant standpoints.  Mary Kay is absolutely a business that men can do well at and I would love to have some male consultants on my team.  With the right training and the willingness to do the work there is no reason why a man should not be as successful as a woman in this business.

Men, you have a few things going for you that you may not even realize.  Throughout history the burden has fallen much more on the shoulders of men to initiate social interaction and conversation.  This experience over time should make it easier to talk about your Mary Kay business with potential female customers and future consultants.

For whatever reason when it comes to anything financial or scientific it seems as though when a man speaks he is instantly given more credibility than a female just by vertue of his gender.  Not saying this is right or wrong just making an observation.  This means that when a male consultant is speaking on the research that goes into making Mary Kay products great or the benefits provided from the many specialized ingredients or discussing the financial implications of owning one’s own Mary Kay business, people, especially women, are going to tend to accept what the male consultant is saying with less scrutiny than a female.

Finally guys, you are a largely untapped customer base that will provide tons of opportunity for sales of men’s products as well as women’s products for gifts with a market that could more easily be penetrated by male consultants who already have the contacts and social relationships with other men.

Joining Mary Kay is a $100 decision that could have the potential to change your life and I would love to see more men seizing the opportunity.   As they say, whether male or female the money is all green!

If you would like to learn more or are interested in becoming a Mary Kay Consultant contact me today.

Julie Reed
Independent Beauty Consultant
Mary Kay Cosmetics

Join my Team and Help Pay it Forward with Kiva

I am a firm believer in the independence and empowerment that comes with entrepreneurship and to support this belief I am going to pay it forward.  For every new consultant that joins my team before March 31, 2010 I will invest $50 with Kiva to help entrepreneurs around the world to realize their dreams and achieve the independence and empowerment that comes with owning their own business.  Contact me today to find out how you can help me make this possible by taking the first step to owning your own business and in turn helping others to own theirs!

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Julie Reed
Independent Beauty Consultant
Mary Kay Cosmetics