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Try a New Spring Twist on the Smoky Eye

Go behind the scenes of a Mary Kay / Marie Claire photo shoot and learn how you can put a new spin on a smoky eye with exotic colors you can take from day or night!


Career Conference was Fantastic!

This weekend I was able to attend Mary Kay Career Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina and what a fantastic event it was.  I learned so much about value selling, setting goals and developing plans to achieve those goals.  I was energized seeing the women AND men who have achieved outstanding business milestones and shared their stories of success with us.  I also received lots of recognition for the things I have already accomplished and I am super motivated to achieve the rest of my goals by Seminar in July!

One of the highlights for me was the session on Team Building led by the the fabulous Elite Executive National Sales Director Gloria Mayfield Banks.  Gloria’s training always resonates well with me because like her I come from a corporate sales background so the skills and techniques she teaches are the same solid skills and value selling techniques I trained and used in the corporate world.  So often people don’t recognize that Mary Kay is a strong business built on the direct sales model and if you use proven value selling techniques you will be successful in this business just as you would in any other commission sales organization. 

Once you take away the emotion that often clouds judgement and views of this business and recognize it for the skin care and cosmetic commission sales business that it is you can see the potential and benefits of being in this business for yourself and having the earning potential of 50% commission with no cap and you setting your own quotas versus the imposed quotas, lower commissions and commission caps typical of corporate sales organizations, along with the flexibility to work your business when, where and how you want.   I can’t understand why any commission sales professional, especially anybody in a consultative sales role, would not jump at the opportunity to at least give it a try and see what kind of business they can build.   At $100 startup costs and 90% buy-back guarantee what have you really got to lose?

I am moving my business forward and plan to be a Sales Director and earn the use of a FREE Car by the time Seminar rolls around in July.  Will you be joining me?  I’d love to have you!

Find out more on how to start your own business at:

Introduction to RDI

Saturday April 16, Introduction to RDI class from 10-12 at Pathways Treatment Center in Apex, NC. No charge, but registration is required to save a space.

The RDI Program for ASD is a tailored set of objectives, extending from the Family Guided Participation Program and intended to target the core deficits of individuals with the diagnostic distinction, Autism Spectrum Disorder. Started less than a decade ago the RDI Program for ASD provides a remedial approach to this complex disorder.

Using Workbox System in our Home School Classroom

So here we are starting our second full month of home schooling and things are going very well. In fact things are going so well I had to step up my game and find more activities and lessons and added some new curriculum to cover to keep Bella challenged. Last night I organized her classroom using Sue Patrick’s Workbox System.

Using this sytem I have been able  break the lessons down into independent work and Mom led work.  By making the independent work child friendly with easy to understand insructions has allowed Bella to not only complete the work on her own but to feel very competent while she is doing it.  This also frees me up to prepare Mom led interactive activities.  I am looking forward to having more time and structure to be able to add more and more RDI time into our home school day.

Today has been great, Bella has really embraced the new system and is doing much more independent work and getting more accomplished.  She is really proud of herself when she is able to complete the activities on her own and another plus is that she is verbally asking for help very appropriately when she needs it. I definitely recommend checking out the Workbox System if you are looking for a way to organize your home classroom to make it easier for your child to be successful.