Mineral Eye Color 2 Ways

Mineral Eye Color is a great addition to your makeup repertoire, it goes on smoothly, stays all day and is so versatile.  You can achieve so many different looks from a single shade simply by layering to build color depth, blending to soften your look or changing the application technique to change the vibrancy and depth of color.

You can easily get two very distinct looks from the same mineral eye color by changing your application method from dry to wet.  When you apply mineral eye color with a dry sponge applicator or brush you will get a soft, light color application that is great for soft romantic looks or for blending into a subtle smokey eye.  To get a totally different look, dip your applicator in a little water before dipping in your eye color to create a much more vibrant intense shade which you can use to create a more dramatic look or for adding in strong highlights. 

By using different application techniques you can go from romantic to dramatic, subtle to bold, quickly and easily, expanding your color pallet without expanding your makeup budget!  I hope this give you some ideas on how to get more from your makeup case.


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