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FREE $20 Shopping Credit from Rue La La!

Rue La La, the HOT, invitation-only, shopping bargain site is giving a $20 Credit to use on anything on the site just for registering as a Rue La La Shopper.  You can get your credit by registering HERE.

The $20 free is only available through 10/25, so hurry! Your free $20 credit will post to your account within 48 hours and expires 12/31/10, so you can use it toward holiday presents!

Career Conference was Fantastic!

This weekend I was able to attend Mary Kay Career Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina and what a fantastic event it was.  I learned so much about value selling, setting goals and developing plans to achieve those goals.  I was energized seeing the women AND men who have achieved outstanding business milestones and shared their stories of success with us.  I also received lots of recognition for the things I have already accomplished and I am super motivated to achieve the rest of my goals by Seminar in July!

One of the highlights for me was the session on Team Building led by the the fabulous Elite Executive National Sales Director Gloria Mayfield Banks.  Gloria’s training always resonates well with me because like her I come from a corporate sales background so the skills and techniques she teaches are the same solid skills and value selling techniques I trained and used in the corporate world.  So often people don’t recognize that Mary Kay is a strong business built on the direct sales model and if you use proven value selling techniques you will be successful in this business just as you would in any other commission sales organization. 

Once you take away the emotion that often clouds judgement and views of this business and recognize it for the skin care and cosmetic commission sales business that it is you can see the potential and benefits of being in this business for yourself and having the earning potential of 50% commission with no cap and you setting your own quotas versus the imposed quotas, lower commissions and commission caps typical of corporate sales organizations, along with the flexibility to work your business when, where and how you want.   I can’t understand why any commission sales professional, especially anybody in a consultative sales role, would not jump at the opportunity to at least give it a try and see what kind of business they can build.   At $100 startup costs and 90% buy-back guarantee what have you really got to lose?

I am moving my business forward and plan to be a Sales Director and earn the use of a FREE Car by the time Seminar rolls around in July.  Will you be joining me?  I’d love to have you!

Find out more on how to start your own business at:

Top 10 Secrets for Small Business Success in 2010

When it comes to getting ahead in business, it’s all about making the right moves at the right time. Ken Yancey, CEO of SCORE Association, recently released his top ten secrets for small business this year and I would like to share them with you.

via Top 10 Secrets for Small Business Success in 2010.

Web Coupons Appeal to Cost-Conscious Shoppers

March 10th, 2009 | Posted by The 60 Second Communications Team in Marketing That Works

USA Today reports that internet searches that include value words such as “coupons” rose 161% in December vs. 2007 to 19.9 million and “discount” rose 26% to 7.9 million.

Sale – Bags As a result, spending by marketers on such search words is up, too. Google, which controls 60% of the paid search ad market, says ad spending on value-related words such as coupons rose 30% in the fourth quarter over the same period a year earlier.

Kraft foods added “cooking on a budget” and “value” to its search roser. Offers include $1 coupons for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Procter & Gamble initiated a campaign whereby a brand search for Crest Whitening Strips will yield a $7 coupon. And Unilever developed a search campaign linking coupon terms with Bertolli’s Oven Bake Meals.

As you’re executing your 2009 marketing campaign, be sure to ask yourself, “Are we highlighting the ‘value’ aspect of our product or service? Are we providing ways for prospects to get a discount? Are we tapping into the emotions of our consumer to help drive sales for our brand?”

By asking these, and other, questions, you can be sure that 2009 will be as successful as possible — given the economic challenges we’re all facing.

Looking for Women who want to be Empowered!

I believe that the elements of greatness are in all of us. Some of you just haven’t discovered it yet! 2009 is a year for change, I am looking for some women that I can empower!  Could you be one of them?

Here are some of the things that I am looking for:

  1. I am looking for busy women. I have found that busy women get the most done. In today’s economy is is not uncommon to find women who work more than one job and/or business while raising a family. Busy women typically are good time managers, and prioritize well.
  2. I look for women who don’t already have a huge network of friends and family. That gives them a false sense of security in building a home business because friends and family are NOT usually the best customers. I will teach you how to grow your business using those who you haven’t met yet!
  3. I am looking for women who don’t consider themselves the sales type. Learning to sell is a skill that I have been very successful in transferring to others! If you associate a sales person with someone who is pushy, that is not what I look for. Pushy people have difficulty building customers and relationships.
  4. I am looking for women who can use some extra income to make ends meet. Although most women are not motivated by money, having the need for extra money will keep you going when times are difficult.
  5. I look for women who are family oriented. I have found that women will do so much more for their family than they ever would for themselves. (that is their WHY)
  6. I look for women who are decision makers. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Implementation is vital for success, not paralysis by analysis!

If you feel that you have at least 4 of these qualities, I would love to work with you. Maybe you are still looking for additional streams of income and haven’t decided on a direct sales company. I would love to talk to you and help you decide if my business is one that I can share with you.

Contact me via email or phone (919) 882-9676

Is Your Direct Sales Biz in a Funk?

I found this fascinating quote today:

Ever hear someone say, “I’m in a funk”?  I think we all get the idea of what that means when we hear it.  Basically that something isn’t quite right; nothing seems to be going well; in a slump, right?Is Your Direct Sales Biz in a Funk?, Feb 2009

You should read the whole article.

Putting The Best Face On A Bad Economy, CBS Evening News: In Midst Of Declines In Other Industries, Cosmetics Are Taking Off – CBS News

Almost every facet of the economy has been severely hampered by the recession.   But, as Richard Schlesinger reports, business has been booming for many in the cosmetics industry.

Check out the full story at:

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