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Web Coupons Appeal to Cost-Conscious Shoppers

March 10th, 2009 | Posted by The 60 Second Communications Team in Marketing That Works

USA Today reports that internet searches that include value words such as “coupons” rose 161% in December vs. 2007 to 19.9 million and “discount” rose 26% to 7.9 million.

Sale – Bags As a result, spending by marketers on such search words is up, too. Google, which controls 60% of the paid search ad market, says ad spending on value-related words such as coupons rose 30% in the fourth quarter over the same period a year earlier.

Kraft foods added “cooking on a budget” and “value” to its search roser. Offers include $1 coupons for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Procter & Gamble initiated a campaign whereby a brand search for Crest Whitening Strips will yield a $7 coupon. And Unilever developed a search campaign linking coupon terms with Bertolli’s Oven Bake Meals.

As you’re executing your 2009 marketing campaign, be sure to ask yourself, “Are we highlighting the ‘value’ aspect of our product or service? Are we providing ways for prospects to get a discount? Are we tapping into the emotions of our consumer to help drive sales for our brand?”

By asking these, and other, questions, you can be sure that 2009 will be as successful as possible — given the economic challenges we’re all facing.

Marrying Social Media and Business

This week I have been researching ways to use social media (twitter, facebook, linked-in, etc.) to add value and enhance my business.  What I have generally found are a million ways to sell an e-book that will tell the secrets of successful social media marketing and will make you boatloads of cash for doing nothing.  This is not the type of information I am looking for and unfortunately is the source of excessive amounts of spam on the social media networks that can really turn people off.  I am looking for genuine ideas on how to use social media to build relationships and gather market data.  I ran across a great article on the subject by Scott Testa who offers excellent tips on how to effectively use Social Media Networks.

Check out the article at: http://scotttesta.com/2008/12/09/using-social-marketing-to-build-your-business/