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Classic Red Lipstick is Always in Style

Red lipstick is a classic look that is always in style and can be worn by all women. The classis look of red lipstick will help you look glamorous and elegant and will really help you stand out. Because of this when wearing red on the lips you want to keep the rest of your look subtle and classic as well.

The secret to lucious red lips is finding the right color for you and getting the application right. To choose the correct shade for you consider the shape and size of your lips as well as the complexion of your skin. If you are fair skinned you can wear an intense cooler or pure red tone. for darker skin look for a lipstick with orange or brown undertones. If your skin has pinkish undertones look for something in a warm plum while yellowish undertones will look best with a warmer red again with brown undertones.

Once you have found the perfect shade you will want to have flawless aplication to allow your lips to look their best. If you have chapped or very dry lips you will want to prepare them by using an exfoliant and moisturizer like Satin Lips to smooth and soften before applying lipstick. This step will prevent flaking and will keep your lips soft and supple. Once your lips are in good shape begin by applying a good lip primer to retain moisture, help lipstick stay longer and prevent any feathering. Now you are ready to apply your lip color as follows:

1. Line the lips with a color that closely matches the lipstick color. If you want more intense color fill in lips with liner

2. Apply lipstick, preferrably with a lip brush, from center to edges

3. Blot lips with piece of tissue paper

4. Apply second layer of lipstick. this step will keep your lips looking luscious for hours

By following these steps you will be wearing the classic Red lip look and turning heads with your elegance and style!

Find your perfect Red!

Fair Skin:

Red  http://www.marykay.com/jreed1920/color/lips/reds/10022850/default.aspx

Pink Undertones:

Blaze  http://www.marykay.com/jreed1920/color/lips/reds/10027588/default.aspx

Plum  http://www.marykay.com/jreed1920/color/lips/marykaylipliner/10014725/default.aspx

Darker Skin or Yellow Undertones:

Midnight Red  http://www.marykay.com/jreed1920/color/lips/reds/10033406/default.aspx

Cappucino  http://www.marykay.com/jreed1920/color/lips/marykaylipliner/10014719/default.aspx

Blaze  http://www.marykay.com/jreed1920/color/lips/reds/10027588/default.aspx

Plum  http://www.marykay.com/jreed1920/color/lips/marykaylipliner/10014725/default.aspx

Try a New Spring Twist on the Smoky Eye

Go behind the scenes of a Mary Kay / Marie Claire photo shoot and learn how you can put a new spin on a smoky eye with exotic colors you can take from day or night!


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Mary Kay Lipstick Sale 40% Off

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Portfolio Models Needed

I am looking for models in the Raleigh-Durham Area to help me build my 2009 Mary Kay Signature Look Portfolio.  Models will be able to choose from 4 new complete mineral color looks for their makeover.  In return I would like to take a before and after picture to use in my portfolio and also get your opinion of the products.  All models will also receive a free gift for their time.  If you are interested email me at jreed1920@gmail.com or call 919-882-9676 to set up an appointment.

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Starting a Mary Kay Business

By Edward Dean

Starting a Mary Kay business is extremely easy, and can be an incredibly lucrative endeavor. The very first thing you would need to do would be to contact your friendly, local Mary Kay representative. This person can be found easily by logging onto the Mary Kay website – the site has a ‘Beauty Consultant’ locator that will find you the Mary Kay Representative in your area.

Once you have contacted your representative and let her know you are interested in starting a Mary Kay business, you will then meet up with her face to face to discuss all of the aspects of the Mary Kay business and start-up. There is a fee, usually only $100.00, needed to purchase all of your starter supplies. For that $100.00 you receive a very large, nice sample kit, filled with all the high quality cleansers, lotions, foundations and eye & cheek colors available through the Mary Kay Company for you to use when meeting one-on-one with your new customers. You will use these samples to demonstrate just how fabulous these products are. The start up fee is fully refundable if, once you get started; you decide the business just isn’t for you. You will need to return the kit with all of the supplies, but there is no further obligation on your part.

Another thing you may want to consider when you are starting a Mary Kay business is purchasing enough product to take with you to the facial parties you will begin scheduling. This will ensure that you have items on hand to be able to give to your customers when they make a purchase through you, rather than have them wait. This can mean the difference whether you sell your product to that person or not, so it is a great idea to make certain you have enough with you at any given time. The Mary Kay Company offers discounts on large purchases of product, and the more you buy at one time the bigger the discount you get.

Starting a Mary Kay business is also a great idea for tax purposes. Having your own business means plenty of tax write-offs at the end of the year. You can claim your gas mileage when you drive to meetings or to parties, all of your product, any items you buy to help display the cleansers and make up, postage – you are running a business, and the tax codes work allow for all of this plus home-office deductions. However, you will need to check with a tax professional for all the laws and allowable deductions.

Starting a Mary Kay business can help you bring in quite a bit of extra money, and can allow you the freedom to stay home and run your own successful business. Your success is only limited by the hours you want to work! Many women enjoy getting together at Mary Kay parties, and those are the bread and butter of any Mary Kay consultant.

Edward Dean is an accomplished website developer and author. To learn more about starting-a-mary-kay-business visit Free Info Franchises for current articles and discussions.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Edward_Dean

More Makeup Tips from Luis Casco

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