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Using Workbox System in our Home School Classroom

So here we are starting our second full month of home schooling and things are going very well. In fact things are going so well I had to step up my game and find more activities and lessons and added some new curriculum to cover to keep Bella challenged. Last night I organized her classroom using Sue Patrick’s Workbox System.

Using this sytem I have been able  break the lessons down into independent work and Mom led work.  By making the independent work child friendly with easy to understand insructions has allowed Bella to not only complete the work on her own but to feel very competent while she is doing it.  This also frees me up to prepare Mom led interactive activities.  I am looking forward to having more time and structure to be able to add more and more RDI time into our home school day.

Today has been great, Bella has really embraced the new system and is doing much more independent work and getting more accomplished.  She is really proud of herself when she is able to complete the activities on her own and another plus is that she is verbally asking for help very appropriately when she needs it. I definitely recommend checking out the Workbox System if you are looking for a way to organize your home classroom to make it easier for your child to be successful.